Origins and destinations of voyages in the database. The voyages shown here largely cover the period c.1565-c.1580. There are a few documents that record voyage details for the period before 1565 (a few Bristol accounts, a few ships leaving Hull for Calais loaded with wool, and a few east coast coastal records), but most pre-1565 documents only reveal if a ship entered or left a particular port, not where it came from or where it was going to. The Bordeaux wine trade voyages are equally difficult to map. While we know the ships left Bordeaux we can never be sure of where they sailed from to get to Bordeaux or where they sailed to after leaving Bordeaux. A Southampton ship, for example, may have left Bordeaux with wine but sailed straight to London. There is more information on ports and voyages in the ‘about’ option in the tool bar. To use the map mouse over a cluster to reveal list of place names (bottom of map); click a cluster to zoom. Click a place (or its name in list) to show its details and voyages. Use the № control to reveal more or fewer routes. The red lines show routes that were more frequently used and the arrows show the direction of travel.

Origins and destinations of the voyages in the database include all voyages undertaken in and out of the selected port regardless of the home ports of the ships.